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Amberly Lago

Triumph Over Trauma


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Welcome to another episode of In Search of Excellence! My guest today is the incredible Amberly Lago. When Amber was 38 years old, she was hit by an SUV while riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

When she woke up from a coma, she learned that she had a 1% chance of saving her leg from being amputated. After the accident, she was diagnosed with an incurable nerve disease, lost her business, fell into a deep depression, and became an alcoholic.

Today Amberly is a peak performance coach, TEDx speaker, top 1% podcast host, motivational speaker, and a leading expert in the field of resilience, transformation, and health and wellness. She is also the bestselling author of the book True Grit and Grace, and the founder of Unstoppable Life Mastermind.

Time stamps:

02:05 Amberly Lago’s background

  • A strict Texas mom and dancing classes
  • The importance of instilling resilience in our children
  • It’s OK to ask for help

05:00 High school experience and Amberly’s kids

  • Parents’ divorce and physical and sexual abuse
  • Children need an outlet
  • Dancing and drill teams
  • Amberley's high school jobs

09:47 The importance of mentors in our lives

  • Amberly had a mentor for everything she did in life
  • The importance of doing research and finding a counsel, not an opinion
  • Not having a mentor is a waste of money
  • Pushing you to pass your limits
  • Randall’s mentoring experience
  • Unstoppable Life Mastermind for women
  • Having the right mentor is life-changing

16:37 What is a mastermind according to Amberly?

  • A small group of like-minded people who help brainstorm, collaborate, and guide each other
  • Not expensive events with hundreds of different people
  • Very profitable gatherings where hosts over-promise but don’t deliver
  • Amberly’s Unstoppable Life Mastermind
  • The launch of the mastermind while the world was shutting down

25:07 How important is it to be in good shape?

  • Amberly’s entire identity was in physicality
  • A knee injury and self-help
  • Went to school and became a certified trainer
  • Started a course to help people become trainers

28:55 The horrible motorcycle accident

  • Got very seriously injured
  • The first thought was how to save her business
  • 1% chance to save the leg
  • Our health is the most important thing
  • Had 34 surgeries in total
  • You have a shovel in your hand, you can lean on it, pray for a hole, or you can start digging

37:09 The Story of a Good Samaritan

  • An unknown person saved Amberly’s life
  • She doesn’t remember him but would like to know who he was

39:31 Chronic regional pain syndrome

  • After the accident, suffered from chronic pain
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – CRPS
  • Predicted to be in pain and paralyzed forever
  • Decided to work hard to recover
  • Tried every kind of medical treatment
  • Had to change everything in her life
  • Only when she is teaching, she feels no pain
  • Working on a healthy sleeping pattern and other healthy stuff

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Sandee | Bliss: Beaches

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