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Amberly Lago

Turning Pain into Purpose by Helping Others Heal


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Welcome to part 2 of our amazing conversation with Amberly Lago. Amberly is a peak performance coach, TEDx speaker, top 1% podcast host, motivational speaker, and a leading expert in the field of resilience, transformation, and health and wellness. She is also the bestselling author of the book True Grit and Grace, and the founder of Unstoppable Life Mastermind.

Amberly has an incredible life story and she is sharing pure gold advice on how to overcome life challenges, how to deal with trauma, and become resilient and successful.

Time stamps:

00:54 Randall’s emotional story about his heart attack

  • Life-threatening situation and a traumatic experience
  • Finding he had myocarditis
  • Death of a close friend
  • Asked by doctors if he was taking cocaine
  • Grateful for being alive
  • The power of endorphins

10:30 Hitting a rock bottom and suicidal thoughts

  • Amberly was always a high achiever
  • The pain became unbearable
  • Alcohol numbed the pain
  • It worked until it didn’t
  • Became addicted to alcohol and went to rehab
  • Didn’t want to live but had to endure because of her daughters

15:15 The importance of resilience

  • We have to decide to take action and thrive
  • Shifting perspective to gratitude
  • Focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t
  • Acceptance and being aware of who you are
  • Connecting to a community – Success is built on relationships
  • Resting is essential for resilience

21:08 The power of writing down our goals

  • There is power in writing things down
  • The story of Amberly’s book
  • Randall’s thoughts on writing things down

24:36 Put yourself on the to-do list

  • Amberly likes helping people and meeting their needs first
  • It’s important to take care of yourself as well

28:33 Surround yourself with the right people

  • Get rid of the doggie downers and stick with the puppy uppers
  • Surround yourself with people who are passionate and go-getters
  • Avoid energy vampires

21:28 We are all superheroes

  • We all have superpowers and resilience in us
  • It’s hard to become aware of that
  • Focus on what brings you joy
  • Gratitude practice and Amberly’s gratitude group
  • A sense of purpose and giving service
  • Ask people what your superpower is

37:25 Sexual abuse and its consequences

  • Amberly was sexually abused by her stepfather
  • Takes a lot of courage to tell someone
  • Told her dad but he didn’t do anything
  • At 23, she told that to her abusive husband
  • Dealing with triggering situation
  • Writing about the sexual abuse was very cathartic
  • The importance of therapy

1:01:28 The importance of extreme preparation

  • She was an athlete and a dancer
  • Always worked very hard
  • Preparing for a TEDx talk
  • Preparation gives you confidence

51:16 What are the key ingredients for success?

  • Know your Why
  • Have a strong community
  • Seek council not opinion
  • Stick to your non-negotiables

54:28 Why do motorcyclists take so much risk?

  • There’s nothing like a feeling of freedom while riding
  • You are fully in the present
  • Amberly’s husband stopped

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