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Ben Johns

A Path to Greatness and Keys to Pickleball Success


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You're listening to part 2 of the incredible conversation with Ben Johns, the number one pickleball player in the world and the greatest player of all time.

On the business side, Ben is a co-founder of Pickleball Getaways, a vacation travel company, and the co-founder of Pickleball 360, an online instructional video subscription service.

If you haven't yet listened to part one, be sure to check that one out first.

Time stamps:

00:58 Winning his first US Open

  • Ben wasn’t expecting to win
  • Incredible feeling, felt like a dream
  • Professional high and low in Ben’s career

04:01 Being the lead in the beginning and today

  • Pickleball is a new sport and requires a lot of learning
  • More competition leads to being a better player
  • Winning 108 matches in a row

08:04 Is tennis background an advantage?

  • Tennis definitely lends a ton of advantages
  • Doesn’t automatically guarantee success

10:00 How long can Ben be so good?

  • No concrete plan as to how long he will be in pickleball
  • The ideal age to play

12:47 Making money in pickleball

  • The potential of making at least seven figures
  • Sponsors have a huge role

17:39 Ben’s mixed doubles partner Anna Leigh Waters

  • 10 years younger
  • Very tough and extremely talented

20:22 Ben’s diet and training routine

  • 2-3 hours every day on court
  • 5 days a week working out in the gym
  • Standard healthy diet

21:49 A flow state in sports

  • A state where your body knows what to do without you thinking about it
  • It’s the perfect feeling that all athletes pursue

22:59 The importance of extreme preparation

  • Preparation is crucial
  • The more prepared I am, the luckier I seem to be

24:39 The importance of humbleness

  • You don’t need to talk yourself out
  • People will admire you for your accomplishments
  • How do people approach him?

27:02 All-inclusive pickleball vacations

  • Pickleball instructions from a pro player
  • The cost of training with a pro
  • How to contact Ben?

30:40 Elon Musk and Ben’s role models

  • His greatest role models are his parents and brother
  • Admires Elon Musk very much

33:06 The importance of giving back to the community

  • Being a good example
  • Contributing to the events with good cause

34:18 Fill in the blanks to excellence

  • Biggest lesson I learned
  • You are most fulfilled by working hard
  • My number 1 professional goal
  • To be number one as long as I can
  • My number 1 personal goal
  • Learn new things frequently
  • And more

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