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Brandi Love

Building A Career In Adult Entertainment


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Welcome to another episode of In Search of Excellence! My guest today is Brandi Love, one of the most famous and successful adult film actresses of all time.

She has starred in more than 800 movies and her videos have been streamed more than a billion times. She has been nominated for and won 12 adult industry awards and is the author of the book Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman. She is also the owner of Traffic Stop Media and a real estate business together with her husband that renovates distressed properties.

We are talking about her childhood, college years, finding her soulmate, first employment, and getting into the adult business. Tune in to hear Brandi’s fascinating life story!

Time stamps:

09:13 Brandi Love’s background

  • Had supportive parents and a great childhood
  • Her first passion was ice skating
  • Athletics and fitness in college
  • Graduated with General Business degree

18:14 Meeting her soulmate

  • Met her husband during her first year at college
  • They became inseparable
  • Monogamous relationship and jealousy

20:39 Going into the corporate world

  • Managed a bagel store
  • Learned everything she didn’t learn at college
  • She was full of life and great with people

25:37 Cold calling and getting rejected

  • The only job that made her cry
  • Her husband helped her to understand how important that experience was

26:57 Working for Harley-Davidson

  • She was a tomboy and bought her first motorcycle at 17
  • Moving to North Carolina and getting a job at Harley-Davidson
  • She was the only female and no.1 sales person every month
  • Very motivated and passionate

32:47 Dealing with jealousy

  • Her husband was very successful and traveled a lot
  • One comment made her jealous and suspicious
  • There is no plan B advice

39:41 Starting a wine label company

  • Having a daughter and her husband having a heart attack
  • Decided to have their own company
  • Started a wine label company

45:23 What is porn?

  • The definition of pornography
  • The dividing line between porn and not porn
  • Nakedness on Instagram

51:25 Statistics about the porn industry

  • The global pornography industry brings $97 billion a year
  • 46 million Americans regularly visit porn sites
  • People don’t talk about pornography

59:35 The transition from the wine to the adult business

  • Brandi and her husband got an offer to build their adult content website
  • Started their first company in the adult business
  • They already had an open marriage
  • At 18, won a bikini competition
  • Danced for a few years at a men's club

1:07:25 Approaching the adult industry as a business

  • Created a business plan
  • Built a website, took photos, and uploaded them
  • Learned a lot along the way, especially about marketing
  • Persistently wrote letters to Howard Stern
  • Got invited to Howard Stern’s show
  • Their business took off

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