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Brandi Love

The Impact Of OnlyFans On The Adult Entertainment Industry


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Welcome to Part 2 of my amazing episode of In Search of Excellence with Brandi Love!

Brandi has starred in more than 800 movies and her videos have been streamed more than a billion times. She has been nominated for and won 12 adult industry awards and is the author of the book Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman. She is also the owner of Traffic Stop Media and a real estate business together with her husband that renovates distressed properties.

We discuss her strategies for success, making money and investing, the future of porn, and so much more.

02:53 Brandi’s great-grandfather Jesse Livermore

  • Had an extraordinary ability with numbers
  • Sent off to New York as a child
  • At 14-15, he was already trading

04:27 Finding a niche

  • Howard Stern show
  • Too old, too athletic, with a long face
  • The American Pie and the term MILF

08:49 The impact of Brendi’s job on her daughter

  • Brandi’s college fan base
  • Great relationship with her daughter
  • Managing mocking and teasing

11:12 The reaction of their parents

  • It was a decision for her and her husband to make
  • It was shocking for her family
  • Their parents tried to stop them and take away their child

17:15 The fallout from friends

  • A unique obstacle for adult entertainers
  • People don’t want the stigma
  • There are consequences to our choices

19:50 How much do people make in the porn industry?

  • The statistics are real
  • Brandi is 50 and never earned more
  • 7 major revenue streams

24:57 Earnings on online porn websites

  • For women, It’s possible to earn around $50.000/month
  • For men, around $20.000/month

27:02 How has Only Fans changed the games for porn actresses?

  • Only Fans is financially life-changing
  • A lot of talent left the industry for Only Fans

32:16 Money management

  • Delayed gratification and investing money
  • Buying a Ferrari

37:54 Thoughts on porn VR

  • Not her favorite because of the lack of interaction
  • Can see the advantages of VR

39:51 How is AI changing the porn industry?

  • Forever Voices
  • AI is always available to hang out with fans
  • Brandi trained her AI and the results were impressive

45:35 Mental health issues

  • Suicides in the porn industry
  • Not a job for mentally unstable
  • You have to be tough because of societal backlash

47:17 What are the elements of success?

  • Love what you do
  • Be passionate
  • Be authentic

47:39 The value of extreme preparation

  • Brandi’s husband is an exceptionally prepared human being
  • She extremely prepared for a contract with BMG

49:37 Faking in the porn industry

  • Faking means you chose the wrong career
  • Brandi can find something attractive in every man

52:21 Issues with sexually transmitted diseases

  • The industry standard is 14-day test
  • Never had a bad test in 20 years

54:18 Sex trafficking and Porn Hub

  • Harming a child is the most disgusting crime
  • Porn Hub is protected by the law
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