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Damon West

From A Loving Home To Lifetime In Prison


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Damon West is an ex-meth addict and the ex-head of an organized crime ring who was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.  Today, he is a college professor at the University of Huston, an exceptional motivational speaker, and a best-selling author.  His story is one of the most incredible and fascinating stories I have ever heard – do not miss this episode!

(01:56) Introduction to Damon West

  • Grew up in Port Arthur, Texas with supporting parents
  • A black athlete on the front page of a magazine (hate mail he had to read)
  • Taking a stand and doing the right thing may mean standing alone
  • Being molested by a babysitter at 9 years old introduced him to adult behaviors (started smoking, drinking, and doing drugs at 10 years old)
  • High-school football in Texas
  • From star athlete to a career-ending injury – identity shattered
  • Going back to drugs being a functional addict
  • Finished college and got a job in the US Congress and UBS

(16:20) Drug addiction and descending into criminal

  • Addicts give up their goals to meet their behaviors
  • Successful people give up their behaviors to meet their goals
  • Everything can be an addiction
  • 12-step recovery program
  • Falling in love with crystal meth
  • Known as "The Uptown Burglar"

(24:52) Life sentence in prison

  • Arrested for his crimes (6 days of a public trial and sentenced to 65 years in prison)
  • Great advice from his mother
  • Mr. Jackson – a ray of sunshine in prison
  • Prison is all about race and gangs
  • The strongest men in prison walk alone
  • The coffee bean story (the most important story of his life)
  • His first day in prison (you don't have to win, just fight)

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