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Devon Larratt

"Arm Wrestling Is My Life"


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Welcome to Part 2 of an amazing episode of In Search of Excellence, featuring Devon Laratt, a Canadian professional arm wrestler who has won multiple world championships and is one of the best arm wrestlers of all time. He is also a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

In today’s episode, we talk about the things crucial for success, the importance of preparation, and the ability to accept defeat. You’ll hear about his most important wins and losses, the famous arm wrestlers he fought against, and so much more.

Time stamps:

01:05 The importance of Extreme Preparation

  • Things important for success
  • Considered the no. 1 arm wrestler in the world at 33
  • As you age you start losing physical energy
  • For the last four years, only trains his right hand
  • A lot of sacrifices is needed to become Number 1
  • You must be obsessed

05:19 How does Devon prepare for a match?

  • Devon’s training falls into 3 categories
  • The most important is actual practice on the table
  • Breaking new grounds and pushing forward
  • Muscle, tissue, and training rehab
  • Staying current

09:07 How important is a passion for success?

  • Passion is probably the most important thing
  • When you love something, you will be extremely motivated
  • Motivation will never be a problem
  • You have to know yourself

11:38 How to bounce back from a huge loss?

  • Lost 6:0 from Denis Cyplenkov
  • Denis is an incredible human being
  • Learned a lot from Dennis
  • Was defeated by an incredible arm wrestler
  • It’s great to have people to keep you humble and inspired
  • Denis is an inspirational athlete and fighter
  • Is there a fear of losing?
  • There are far more serious things than a match
  • Loves to fight and wants to have a good time
  • Cherishes his loses
  • Losses make you stronger

17:18 Is wrestling like poker?

  • In poker, you have your cards
  • Maybe not much like poker (random)
  • Arm wrestling is about self-betterment and growth of self
  • No Limits - a nick name given to Devon
  • Endurance has been his gift, never fallen short of it

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