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Flex Lewis

Training Motivation, Workouts & Bodybuilding for Mr. Olympia


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Welcome to another episode of In Search of Excellence! My guest today is the incredible Flex Lewis. Flex is a serial entrepreneur, coach, motivational speaker, and one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He has won 7 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles.

He's also the co-owner of Arsenal, strength gym equipment, the fastest-growing fitness equipment company in the world and the owner of the famous Dragon's Lair Gym in Las Vegas.

Time stamps:

00:55 Flex’s family and background

  • Grew up in a loving home in Wales
  • His father was a steel worker and his mother a nurse
  • Decided to be a millionaire as a kid

03:52 Born with a rugby ball in the mouth

  • He started playing rugby at the age of 6
  • His full name is Steven James Lewis
  • Flex is a nickname he got as a kid

06:27 The pressure to better himself

  • A pressure to become better
  • His first entrepreneurial momentsome text
    • Delivering papers on his bike
  • Learned responsibility and dealing with money

13:22 Investing the money he earned

  • Bought a male and female finch
  • Started breeding and selling them

15:57 Starting a moving company

  • Powerlifting and starting a moving company
  • Bought his first truck and developed the business
  • Went an extra mile to do a good job

22:05 Learning from the Quadfather

  • Spent weekends at his grandparents
  • Discovered a book by Tom Platz at 12
  • The book changed his life
  • Found weights and started doing squats

26:23 His parents’ worries

  • His parents were afraid it would stunt his growth
  • Stayed away from training weights for a number of years
  • Funny story about his father catching him squatting

28:30 Steve Naylor and his influence

  • Flex had a lot of admiration for Steve
  • He was drawn by his humility
  • Started training with Steve
  • Bodybuilding is all about mind-muscle connection

32:19 Elbow injury and getting a tattoo

  • Spent the whole summer building his motocross bike
  • Had an accident and broke his elbow
  • After removing the plaster cast, his arm was dead
  • Had to make it stronger by himself
  • A tattoo on the weakened arm

38:53 Working in silence and achieving things

  • Didn’t like school but liked PE teachers
  • He had dyslexia or ADHD, was labeled stupid
  • How schools were failing kids by discouraging them
  • Practicing a handstand and the first day at school

47:26 The first powerlifting competition

  • From high-level rugby to powerlifting show
  • Bodybuilding in Wales is a big thing
  • The competition was held in the Royal Princess Theatre

51:59 Getting on a bodybuilding stage

  • Was drawn by a free gym membership
  • Changed his diet and watched a lot of VHS videos
  • The competition and the alter ego
  • Performed great and won the show
  • Deciding to prepare for British nationals
  • A 20-year relationship with his coach
  • The importance of loyalty

1:01:40 Chasing dreams and making sacrifices

  • Winning the British Nationals
  • Got an invitation from Gold’s Gym to come to the US
  • It was a magical experience and a massive culture shock
  • Worked to save and come again
  • Coliseum Gym in California
  • Slept on a friend’s sofa for 1.5 year
  • Trained a lot and waited for an opportunity


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