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Jason Belmonte

Tuning Out Haters And Tuning In To Supporters


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Welcome to part two of my amazing conversation with Jason Belmonte, the greatest bowler of all time. He has won a record number of 15 major championships and has been named PBA Player of the Year 7 times. He is also the second person in PBA history that has won the Super Slam, winning all 5 PBA major titles in the same year.

If you haven't yet listened to part one, be sure to check it out first.

00:00 Dealing with the defeat in 2008

- At first, 60th of 63 contestants
- Jason thought he was better
- Watched what the best players in the world were doing
- Won the eighth event

03:48 Tim Mack and the first contract

- Tim was the best amateur player in the world
- Called his sponsor to see Jason
- Flew to Las Vegas for the tournament
- Signed the contract for Storm Bowling

08:06 The courage to ask for what you want

- You have to be OK to hear No
- Finding the best way to ask for something
- Show value and give them a reason not to say No

10:46 How to deal with hate and loneliness

- Cheating accusations affected his mental health
- Being constantly on a defense drained him
- The jealousy of his competitors
- Decided to focus on his supporters, not haters
- The small inner circle of family and friends

20:24 Dealing with people that envy your success

- His roommate wasn’t happy about his first win
- Becoming successful very young feels lonely
- The story of Norm Duke coming to his defense

36:13 Bowling with two hands

- Jason doesn’t know the science behind it
- Bowling with two hands became popular

39:17 The growth of the bowling industry

- The industry is a wild beast
- It has many opportunities to grow
- The sport needs the right people in the right places

42:43 The importance of mental preparation and confidence

- World Series comeback after 71 games
- Self-belief is a huge element in the recipe for success
- Understanding your own success

46:27 Throwing a ball outside of a NASCAR car

- Promoting the game in an unusual and funny way
- An incredible moment

50:25 The importance of Extreme Preparation

- An honest discussion with yourself about why you are not as good as you can be
- The goal is to figure out where you can improve and dedicate time to doing that

52:54 Fill in the blanks for excellence

- The biggest lesson I’ve learned
- No. 1 professional goal
- No.1 personal goal
- And more

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