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Jesse Itzler

Be A Participant, Not A Spectator In Life


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Welcome to part two of In Search of Excellence episode with the amazing Jesse Itzler.

Jesse is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold five companies including Marquis Jet and ZICO Coconut Water. He is an Emmy Award winner, a former rapper and former manager of Run DMC, a globally recognized keynote speaker, and a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball team.

He's also a passionate endurance athlete who has run more than 35,000 miles over the last 25 years, including 50+ marathons. Jessie is also the author of two awesome best-selling books, Living with the Seals 31 days training with the toughest man on the planet and Living with the monks: What turning off my phone taught me about happiness, gratitude and focus.

Time stamps:

02:59 The Coconut water business

- As a runner researched hydration and nutrition
- Discovered coconut water
- Partnered with a ZICO company
- Sold the company to Coca Cola 2 years later

04:55 Money as a goal and motivator

- What is more important is the quality of your product or service
- Passion and enthusiasm are also important
- Experiences and proving yourself

09:08 The fear of failure

- His son decided to play baseball
- The story of his son failing at the game
- Participant vs. spectator in life

11:22 Lessons learned from Navy SEAL David Goggins

- Always been attracted to people who weren't like-minded
- Met David Goggins and invited him to stay with his family
- Interested in the habits of highly successful people
- Jesse thinks of himself as of an observation expert

15:50 The power of the spoken word

- Speaking words gives them power
- It’s important to talk things into existence
- Remember Tomorrow mantra
- Think about how a decision impacts your tomorrow

20:04 The value of a written letter

- The energy is a lot different
- Jesse still writes letters
- Randall’s stance on handwriting notes

23:16 The importance of extreme preparation and planning

- It was very important when Jesse was younger
- Also, the ability to pivot
- Jesse is a planner
- Already planned his 2024
- Kevin’s rule

28:03 Saying “No” and finding time for your family

- in his 20s, Jesse was always saying “Yes”
- Later in life, learned to say “No”
- It’s important how you say “No”

31:01 Fill in the blanks for excellence

- The biggest lesson I've learned in my life is
   - Marry the right person
- My number one professional goal is
   - Create more time to do the things I love to do
- My number one personal goal is
   - Stay healthy
- And more

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