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Jessica Berman

The Future of Women’s Soccer


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Welcome back to part two of In Search of Excellence with Jessica Berman!

Today, we continue our riveting conversation with Jessica. She addresses the disparity in pay between male and female athletes, outlining the steps needed to achieve pay equity and grow women's sport which will drive unprecedented growth in the NWSL. Her dedication and strategic vision to continue shaping the future of women's sports is relentless.

Success is not just about achieving goals but also about embracing vulnerability, building resilience, and fostering authentic connections.

Join the movement to support women's sports! Together, we can empower female athletes and promote equality in sports.

If you missed part one, be sure to catch up for an inspiring conversation about breaking ceilings in the sports industry.


0:47 - Introduction to part two.

2:01 - Climbing up the ranks in the male-dominated sports industry

- Transition from NHL to NLL; challenges faced.
- Family support and career leap into NWSL.
- The importance of taking risks.

9:10 - Transition to becoming Commissioner of the NWSL and the league's growth

- Turning a massive landmine into a field of diamonds.
- Surreal experience of accepting the NWSL Commissioner role.
- Milestones achieved: team expansion, media deals, office expansion.

12:20 - Challenges inherited with NWSL; league turnaround

- Addressing systemic abuse issues; league investigation.
- Transformative growth: franchise values, media deals, attendance.
- Expansion of NWSL staff; hiring process and objectives.
- Office environment and collaborative workspace described.

18:47 - The disparity in pay between men's and women's soccer

- Comparison of earnings between male and female players.
- Importance of growing fan base and revenue for equitable pay.
- The challenges of building a sustainable business model.

23:53 - Importance of female soccer superstars

- Cultivating stars in women's soccer; role models and icons.
- Impact of star players on league popularity and recognition.

27:38 - Five ingredients for success; empathy and hard work

- Personal qualities for success discussed; empathy as top priority.
- Role of passion, preparation, and relationships in success.

29:20 - Significance of passion and preparation

- Passion is inherent to success; holistic preparation for challenges.
- Role of extreme preparation in achieving goals.
- Importance of physical and mental readiness for success.

32:05 - Importance of Vulnerability in Leadership

- Role modeling behavior and building connections.
- Overcoming ego to foster genuine leadership.
- Creating a culture of trust and authenticity.

35:15 - Legacy of Leadership

- Embracing authenticity and individuality in leadership.
- Fostering a culture of success and pride.
- Prioritizing family and collective accomplishments.

38:11 - Triumph Over Adversity

- Balancing career demands with personal challenges.
- Cultivating resilience amidst life-altering circumstances.
- Leveraging support systems for personal and professional growth.

42:40 - Resilience and Recovery

- Brad's (His Ex-husband and Best Friend) miraculous recovery journey post-stroke.
- Navigating family dynamics amidst adversity.
- Finding strength and

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