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Jon Gordon

Fear Paralyzes, Love Overcomes


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Jon Gordon is a best-selling author and an amazing motivational speaker. He has written 27 books including 12 best-sellers and 5 children’s books. The most popular ones are The Energy Bus, The Power of Positive Leadership, Training Camp, Stay Positive, and The Garden.

The Energy Bus has sold over 2 million copies and inspired people around the world to change their lives and achieve success. Jon also worked with many Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sport teams, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits.

(01:20) Positive leadership

  • Complaining is allowed only if you offer solution
  • Negativity sabotages the team
  • The science behind the positivity
  • Optimists are creating better future for them

(16:10) The four C’s (Communication, Connection, Commitment, Care)

  • Communication (negativity fills lack of communication)
  • Connection
  • Commitment (to be committed team, you need to be connected team) - commitment recognizes commitment
  • Care (show that you care and others will care about team, customers, and results)
  • Vulnerability as a leader

(23:56) The most important ingredients for success (Hope, Belief, Service, Care, Preparation)

  • The Carpenter builds with hope and belief
  • Fear paralyses you, love gives you power to overcome fear
  • Serve the people (as a leader, you have to serve and sacrifice)
  • Put your heart and soul in your work
  • The importance of extreme preparation
  • Sharing the ideas of his books with people

(32:53) Mental health of our society

  • Our brains are not healthy (food, chemicals, and other things effect brain)
  • Neurotheology – how prayer influences brain
  • Positivity elevates our state of mind
  • A battle for the minds and souls of our kids is going on – we must help them to win
  • Suicide and overcoming the 5 D’s (Doubt, Distortion, Discouragement, Distraction, Divide)
  • Nothing can separate you from the love of God – love the Creator

(45:30) The story of Damon West

  • Jon changed Damon’s life
  • You have the power to change everything
  • Jon's final message

Resources Mentioned:
Be a Coffee Bean, Damon West and Jon Gordon
The Garden, Jon Gordon
The Carpenter, Jon Gordon
Power of Positive Leadership, Jon Gordon

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