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Lara Logan

The Fight of Our Lifetime


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Randall Kaplan is joined by award-winning journalist Lara Logan to discuss the crisis in Afghanistan, the importance of critical thinking, the pursuit of truth in the age of misinformation, the courage to speak your mind even when it’s unpopular, the fear of reporting from dangerous war zones in times of conflict in locations around the world, the experience of being a sexual assault and rape victim, today’s current events which she calls the “fight of our lifetime,” and much more.

Topics Include:

Lara’s early life growing up in apartheid South Africa.  Providing her thoughts on the presentation of opinion as fact and how it is killing American media and sowing division. Sneaking into Afghanistan and Egypt during extremely dangerous circumstances when her boss refused to “send Barbie to war.”  Experiencing a brutal attack and rape and what it taught Lara about life, death, personal choice, and integrity.  Fighting and beating breast cancer.  Making mistakes as a journalist, the importance of saying your sorry when you’re wrong, and the consequences from reporting errors regarding the Benghazi attack. Defining success in her life today.  Discussing what Lara would do if she were was the President of the United States.  And other topics...

Lara Logan is an award-winning journalist who has been reporting from war zones around the world for more than twenty years. She has covered stories during times of conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Kenya, Liberia, and many other countries. She spent 16 years at CBS news serving in a variety of roles including Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and a 60 Minutes Correspondent. Lara has been the recipient of many awards for her journalism including three Emmy Awards, two Edward R Murrow Awards, and the prestigious Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting. Lara has spent more time reporting in Afghanistan during the last twenty years than all but a few reporters. She is currently the host of Lara Logan Has No Agenda for Fox Nation.



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