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Luc Robitaille

Playing With Wayne Gretzky And Lifting The Stanley Cup


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Welcome to part 2 of In Search of Excellence episode with a good friend of mine, Luc Robitaille! Luke is an NHL Hall of Famer and the highest-scoring left winger in NHL history, with 668 goals over his 19-season career.

In his first year in the league, Luc won the Calder Trophy as Rookie of the Year and then went on to become the only left wing in NHL history to record 8 consecutive 40-goal seasons.

Luc played 8 all-star games, won a Stanley Cup as a player with the awesome Detroit Red Wings in 2002, and 2 more Stanley Cups as an executive with the Los Angeles Kings.

He is giving back to his community through his Echoes of Hope Foundation.

Time stamps:

11:29 Becoming a Stanley Cup Champion

  • A hard trophy to win
  • As a free agent, went to the Detroit Red Wings
  • Luc’s feelings during the game and after winning the cup

18:39 Giving away his best memorabilia

  • A great party after winning the cup
  • A poker night theme with giveaways
  • Gave away the stuff he collected during his career

22:42 The NHL Hall of Fame

  • It was very emotional
  • Luc’s inspiring speech
  • The reaction of his parents

26:28 The fear of failing makes you great

  • If you're willing to push yourself, you're going to have success
  • What do you do when no one's looking?

28:25 The importance of extreme preparation

  • Luc was very disciplined
  • Had to be sure he was prepared for every game
  • He likes having a plan and sticking to it
  • Picking the right marketing agency

34:10 How important is passion to our success?

  • Passion is the most important thing
  • Very few lucky people do a job that they're passionate about

36:34 Is luck an important ingredient of our success?

  • You bring your luck through preparation
  • Someone can open the door for you, but you have to prove yourself
  • Work ethic and constant improvement

41:51 Being humble and kind

  • Luke grew up in a humble family
  • The lesson from his uncle
  • How important is being kind and humble for our success?
  • Very successful people are usually extremely humble
  • Never forget where you came from

47:13 How important are coaches in hockey?

  • Coaches in hockey are very important
  • A coach has to make sure every player is involved

49:52 Giving back to the community

  • It’s important to give back – money or time
  • Helped numerous foundations
  • Started a charity with his wife
  • Started working with foster kids
  • Helping them to stand on their feet

56:20 Fill in the blanks for excellence

  • The biggest lesson I've learned in my life
  • Never give up
  • My biggest regret is
  • Not spending enough time with family
  • And more

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