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Dr. Mike Roizen

90 Is The New 40 (How To Hack Your Longevity)


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Welcome to In Search of Excellence and the second part of our conversation with Dr. Mike Roizen.

Dr. Mike is a world-renowned physician and author whose work has helped tens of millions of people improve their health and wellness through lifestyle changes, and whose purpose in life is to spread the message that we get to control our genes to a large degree.

Dr. Mike formerly served as the Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, and Dean of the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago, and in 1997, he left to co-founded a company called Real Age, a consumer health media company that inspires people to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Shortly after selling the company, Dr. Roizen was named Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, the first such position at a major healthcare institution in the United States. Dr. Mike has published more than 185 peer-reviewed scientific papers, has written 18 books, including 4 New York Times bestsellers, and has received 13 and many foreign patents.

00:55 Stress management

- Most stressful events are financial
- The Christmas Eve story
- Stress management technique
- 10 breaths in the morning and evening

04:25 Vaccines in general and COVID-19 booster

- The initial COVID vaccination and the first booster were beneficial
- Long COVID and Spanish flu
- Dr. Mike is scared of the inflammation
- Flu vaccine 10 years in a row decreases the risk of dementia by 40%

11:15 Food recommendations

- Eat things that are healthy, that you love and that will love you back
- Eating bad food in moderation
- Fruit is a sugar and fruit is bound to fiber and is not easily absorbed
- 20g a day is fine

18:30 Obesity and fat reduction

- Obesity, especially obesity around your waist, causes inflammation
- White vs. brown fat
- Side effects of drugs for reducing fat
- We don’t know the long-term risk

22:40 Are hot sauna and cold plunge useful?

- We have more data on the sauna
- Sauna decreases heart disease and stroke risk
- Increases longevity

24:05 Effectiveness of vitamins and supplements

- The longevity playbook analyzed 53 supplements
- 15 have enough data on humans
- Creatine was a surprise
26:25 Can we live 120 years and do we really want to?

- As a society, we need to
- We are not producing enough kids
- The working age will go from 40 to 60 years
- The whole body will have a chance to get younger
- Old people can be functional as young people

30:45 Is there just a simple checklist that we should be looking at every day?

- Do what you love doing
- There are many choices but do what you love and add things on

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