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Who Really Assassinated Martin Luther King?


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Welcome to In Search of Excellence! This is the second part of an amazing episode with Martin Luther King III, a human rights activist, advocate, and philanthropist. He is the oldest son and the oldest living child of the civil rights icons, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

For the past five decades, Martin has continued his parents’ legacy by dedicating his life to equality, social justice, and nonviolent activism, and is honored that activism through his dedication to human rights, voting access, gun violence prevention, race relations, and other important social causes. He advocates for underserved communities and he has led initiatives, including the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and he has also been awarded the Rosa L. Parks Award and the Lantern of Peace Award.

Time stamps:

01:00 The case of George Floyd

- The police officers got the correct punishment
- Being a police officer is a tough job
- Protests all around the world – mostly non-violent
- Banning on books and going backward
- We have to do better

08:13 Black people being killed by the police

- A variety of things that have to be instituted and implemented
- More in-depth psychological evaluations
- Civilian review boards
- Constant internal changes
- Human relations and diversity training
- Work together to create better communities

13:30 The case of James Earl Ray

- MLK III and his family claim he was innocent
- There is a bunch of evidence that someone else did it
- Ray died after serving 30 years in prison

19:22 The advice to people purchasing their dreams

- You have to have a plan, determination, focus, and work hard
- Don’t give up on your dreams
- His mom saying his dad would be proud of him

24:26 The spike of anti-Semitism

- We must go far beyond tolerance
- We have to find a way to get rid of hate as a society
- Society has created insecurities that make people want to judge

27:49 Anti-Semitism on campuses

- The anti-Semitic atmosphere on campuses and the response of the leadership
- There’s got to be more to it because it doesn’t make sense
- Somewhere we've lost humanity as a society
- We have to elevate humanity

36:57 Fill in the blank to excellence

- The biggest lesson I've learned in my life
   - How to forgive
- Number one professional goal
   - To find a way to bring people together
- And more

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