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Rodney Jerkins

Strive For Perfection And Be Beyond Prepared


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Rodney Jerkins is one of the most successful music producers of all time – he has worked with some of the greatest artists of our time, including Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and many more.

He has been nominated for 18 Grammy Awards and has won 2 – for the Record of the Year and Best R&B song. He is also an incredible songwriter and musician. His journey to excellence is incredible so tune in to hear more!

(00:00) Working with Michael Jackson

  • Teddy Reilly promised him to meet Michael Jackson (Teddy organized a trip to NY with Michael)
  • Several years later Rodney received a call to work with Michael Jackson
  • Jumped into the plane and waited in the hotel
  • His dream literally came true

(07:50) Importance of work ethics for our success

  • Working with Michael was a unique experience (Michael was a perfectionist)
  • One of the greatest experiences of his life
  • Rodney saved Michael's life on a four wheeler
  • Michael being accused of molestation
  • Michael was a kind and giving person caring for children and humanity

(17:18) Extreme preparation

  • Extreme preparation is essential (Michael was BEYOND prepared)
  • The goal is to take the client to the next level
  • Study and know everything about the client
  • Deliver the best version of yourself to the client
  • Show that you are extremely prepared
  • Success is inevitable

(23:26) The work ethic of Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

  • Beyoncé is similar to Michael Jackson – she strives for perfection
  • The secret is extreme preparation
  • Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson story
  • Practice ONE THING until you master it
  • Killer instinct – the ability to overwork anybody
  • What’s Lady Gaga like?
  • Outstanding and special
  • Working together before she was famous
  • She believed she became great

(32:10) The influence of faith

  • One of the nicest guys in the business
  • Known to be a man of faith
  • Proud of his songs (hates derogatory songs)
  • Artists are humans and go through troubling times
  • There is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel
  • Made himself available to people

(36:28) Achieving success and paying it forward

  • 50 billion streams of the songs he produced
  • Finding talent and nurturing talent
  • Performing Big Daddy Kane at the school talent show
  • Rodney's favorite song is Bee Gees “How Deep is Your Love” Rodney’s favorite song?
  • Money as a factor in life and career (money should not be an idol)
  • If you’re great at what you do, the money will come

(44:32) Fill in the blank to excellence

  • Rodney's biggest lesson learned
  • Rodney's top professional goal
  • Rodney's top personal goal
  • Rodney's biggest regret
  • Rodney's biggest dream
  • Rodney's advice for his 21-year-old self

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