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Sallie Krawcheck

Yes, Women Make Better Investors Than Men. How Diversity Outperforms Meritocracy in Finance


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Sallie Krawcheck holds the world record for being fired the most times on the Wall Street Journal. She is also one of the most powerful and influential people on Wall Street, currently serving as CEO of an investment platform that manages over $1.5 billion in assets. By viewing success and failure as two sides of the same coin, she has overcome what few of us are capable of.

Sallie is a Wall Street legend, an author, and the co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, a digital investment platform built for women. Over the last 30 years, she has continuously broken barriers on Wall Street, navigating high-profile leadership positions at companies like Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley).

In this episode, Sallie talks about how she went from a rocky and emotionally-scarring start on Wall Street to the “Eureka!” moments that defined her career. She dissects what to do when facing constant rejection, the significance of outworking others, and how to rank learning, money, and passion when it comes to work. She also discusses the importance of proactively supporting and advising others, navigating office politics as a woman, and why success and failure are two sides of the same coin.

Topics Include:

- The most important relationship a professional woman can have

- How one person led Sallie to realize her potential

- Working for money vs. passion

- Biases against women and minorities in the workplace

- Sallie’s world record

- Why you shouldn’t be the smartest person in the room

- How job candidates can separate themselves from the competition

- The #1 unwritten rule of success in business

- And more…

Sallie Krawcheck is known as one of the most influential women on Wall Street, but the title hasn’t come without its challenges. From navigating constant workplace discrimination to being fired for maintaining her honesty, Sallie has jumped continuous hurdles, moving from investment banking to becoming one of the top business research analysts in the game.

Her Wall Street career includes being named CFO of Citigroup and CEO of Merrill Lynch, the Citi Private Bank, Smith Barney, US Trust, and Sanford C. Bernstein. She is the co-founder and current CEO of Ellevest, whose mission is to put more money in the hands of women. Her recent book, Own It: The Power of Women at Work, talks about the power of resilience, risk-taking, and hard work to reach the top.

Resources Mentioned:
Own It: The Power of Women at Work, by Sallie Krawcheck: https://www.amazon.com/Own-Power-Women-at-Work/dp/1101906251/  

Ellevest: https://www.ellevest.com/



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