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Sean O'Malley

The Next Conor McGregor


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Welcome to In Serch of Excellence and the second part of my interview with the amazing Sugar Sean O’Malley, the UFC bantamweight champion of the world with a 17-in-one record, who everybody believes is the next Conor McGregor.

Sean pulls back the curtain on his life inside and outside the cage, from balancing training for his next title defense with fatherhood to the brand deals making him a millionaire, plus his unconventional views on love and relationships. Tune in for more!

Time stamps:

00:38 Sean’s training regiment

Red light, cold plunge, PMF machine, meditation
Eggs and oatmeal, Aero Press coffee
Goes to the gym to practice, nap, lunch
Strength and conditioning training

07:01 Going out and drinking

Drinking is a big distraction
He goes out with the boys
Stops drinking and smoking 3 weeks before the match

09:24 Dealing with the pain

Tries not to be hit
It’s bad for the brain
CTE worries
Every month he gets a concussion

12:19 Sean’s controversial love and sex life

Injecting stem cells into the penis
Didn’t feel much improvement
He has an open relationship with his girlfriend

20:10 How did a kid change his life?

Always wanted to have kids
Would like to have more
The feelings when he saw his daughter for the first time
Lucky to be able to be with his daughter

28:05 Motivated by money

Likes to be smart with his money
Learning about investing
Would like to be a billionaire
Paying taxes

36:24 The key ingredients for success

Sleep, diet, meditation, consistency
Work ethics and passion
Building his brand on social media
Keeping your brand clean

43:37 Giving back to the community

Helping his friends and family
Planning to make a non-profit

45:42 Fill in the blanks for excellence

The biggest lesson I've learned in my life is
My number one professional goal is
Greatest of all time
And more

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