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Ed Mylett

The Power of One More


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Ed Mylett spent his early life in a dysfunctional home living with an alcoholic father who would often get into fist fights — at church, in line at the donut store, and even on the freeway. After his dad embarked on his path to sobriety, he soon became Ed’s first example of what it takes to succeed in life. This ultimately led to Ed’s realization that the challenges we overcome, or the parts of our former selves that we were once ashamed of, are the very things that qualify us to contribute and be in service of others in their search of excellence.

Despite this new mindset, Ed found himself aimless after an injury ended his dream of playing major league baseball. Ed had retreated to his family home where he spent his time alongside his childhood Teddy bears while watching episodes of The Maury Show and Jerry Springer. Some thirty-odd years later, Ed is now an incredibly successful serial entrepreneur and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers. Life for Ed is coming full circle as he’s now working on his own show… in the same studio that created episodes of The Maury Show and Jerry Springer he once watched.

In this episode, Randall and Ed discuss how important it is not to quit (at least for one more day); how a fear of failure is necessary and even healthy; how to recover from profound disappointments in life; the type of people you should look for (and avoid) when you need advice; why you should operate using visions and dreams, not history and memories; the importance of public speaking and unconventional ways to improve; why you should never base your self-confidence on your abilities or your achievements, and more…

Topics include:

-How adversity in Ed’s childhood influenced his adult life

-How to channel negatively-perceived emotions into success

-Why successful people embrace pain

-The concept of invisible progress

-Becoming an impossibility thinker and a possibility achiever in life

-What it means to actually step into your dreams

-The importance of being a good and effective communicator

-The power of intention

-The difference between being wealthy and being rich

-Why confidence comes from preparation, not ability

-Why you should focus more on how you want to feel rather than what you want to get

Ed Mylett grew up in Diamond Bar, California as the only boy in a family with three younger sisters. He dreamed of playing major league baseball, but an injury sidelined any chance he had for a professional athletic career. After putting countless hours of practice and hard work into baseball for so many years, he wasn't sure what to do next with his life.

While his personal and family life thrived, Ed's career goals stalled. After several job changes, he came across an exciting, entrepreneurial opportunity in the financial services industry with the World Financial Group. During his early years in the business he and his wife, Kristianna, faced several challenges and were not prospering financially.

After he convinced his wife to let him work hard for three to five years under the premise that they would have the next 50-60 years to do whatever they wanted to do, his consistent dreaming and effort finally paid off.

His business grew and thrived into a nationwide team of associates, which has turned out some of the most inspirational and successful leaders in the industry. Ed and Kristianna went from being a typical young couple struggling financially, to becoming millionaires while still only in their 30s. Their business today doesn't just provide the Mylett family with a tremendous income, but it also allows them to have an incredible lifestyle and the freedom to do whatever they want, when they want.

Today, Ed is one of the premier business leaders, peak performance experts, and motivational speakers in the world. He has a passion for mentoring and coaching others on what it takes to become a champion in all areas of life.

Resources mentioned:

-Ed Mylett Show (podcast)

Books mentioned:

-The Power of One More by Ed Mylett

-Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

-Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer



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