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Tim Draper

Think Big and Drive Progress


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What does it take to become one of the most iconic and successful venture capitalists of all time?  How does a commitment to freedom and trust empower us to think big and drive progress?


Meet Tim Draper.  An early investor in Hotmail, Skype, Tesla, Space X, Twitter, Robinhood, Coinbase, and other industry-disrupting companies, Tim began his venture capital journey at age 27 and never looked back. In this episode, Tim breaks down for listeners why thinking for yourself will be the most valuable skill in the 21st century, how cryptocurrency could forever change the economy as we know it, what selling condoms can teach us about running a business, and much more.


Topic Include:

The impending automation revolution, and how to prepare for it.  What selling apples as a kid taught Draper about politics. The importance of heroes and superhero figures.  The unique curriculum of Draper University.  Cryptocurrencies and the future of bitcoin.  The art of cold calling, and the ability to close.  Working with Elon Musk.  The value of mentorship, and other topics.

Tim Draper is a true visionary.  A third-generation venture capitalist, Tim is one of the most successful venture capitalists of all time.  In 1999, Tim created the first Silicon Valley venture capital firm to raise a global venture capital fund.  He was an early investor in bitcoin and has been among its greatest proponents since 2010.  He is the author of How To Be The Startup Hero: A Guide and Textbook for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.  Tim is also the founder of Draper University whose mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of students from around the world and prepare them for success in the real world.


Resources Mentioned:

Book – How To Be The Startup Hero by Tim Draper

Draper University – https://www.draperuniversity.com/



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