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A Podcast designed to motivate and inspire you to reach your potential and achieve excellence in all aspects of your life.


Welcome to In Search of Excellence which is about our quest for greatness and our desire to be the very best we can be – to learn, educate, and motivate ourselves to live up to our highest potential.  It’s about planning for excellence, and how we achieve excellence through incredibly hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  It’s about believing in ourselves, and the ability to overcome the many obstacles we all face on our way there.  Achieving excellence is our goal, and it’s never easy to do –we all have different backgrounds, personalities, and surroundings, and we all have different routes on how we hope and want to get there. Each episode I’m joined by guests who share their journeys to success which includes their challenges, failures, and achievements – and is designed to motivate, inspire, and help people of all ages reach their potential on both a professional and personal level.



Entertaining & Insightful

In Search of Excellence gave me an inside view to the lives of some of my idols that I never thought I would get. I loved learning about Sam Zell’s background and how he managed 4,000 apartment complexes while a student in college – crazy! Also, hearing about Ben Sherwood’s early travels to foreign countries to document war ridden countries. The episodes are so entertaining and insightful, I’m stoked to keep listening!


An Instant Favorite

Incredibly inspiring. The level of preparation that goes into these interviews is incredible and motivates me to work harder. This podcast is an instant favorite.



As an entrepreneur, I'm encouraged to hear the stories of trailblazers who persevere. Beyond their great successes, I love hearing how they adapt and evolve despite difficult circumstances. In Search of Excellence delivers in spades. There are few podcasts I subscribe to. This podcast is inspirational and motivating, I highly recommend it.

Bryan Switalski